Created especially for Maison Berger’s Anniversary, the Gem boxed set and its Exquisite Sparkle fragrance are the promise of thrilling parties. The design agency Utopik Design has worked with this catalytic Berger lamp like a precious stone. Its crystal body relates Paris by night, while the elegant shaping of prestigious gems conjures up the image of beautiful jewelry decorating necklines in this festive period. Maison Berger Paris offers its Exquisite Sparkle home fragrance to this refined bottle. It is an olfactory homage to the effervescence of the French capital, its joie de vivre, its lavish parties and all the champagne enjoyed. And to ensure that the party keeps going until the early hours, special care has been given to the case: the boxed set designed by Dorothea Renault features the deep black of a lovely winter night, with illustrations of Paris, the elegance of the Parisienne and Christmas lights.  Master perfumer tips When the time comes to refill your lamp, you can continue the party with Exquisite Sparkle, or you can choose your favorite one.

Set includes everything you need to use your lampe plus a 180Ml trial size of Exquisite Sparkle.

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