Small Gifts to Show You Love Big All Year Long

Valentine’s Day is over… some would say, thank goodness for that! But the fact that the commercialized season of love doesn’t have to mean that you stop showing your love for your tribe, your family or your special someone.   You don’t have to break the bank to...

Your Fantasy Vision Board for 2020

You know you’ve wanted to make a vision board -- don’t even lie. But it’s highly possible that you just haven’t had time to make one, or you keep promising yourself that you’ll make one next week… next month… in six months… yeah. Never fear! Stop your procrastination!...

Love Yourself First. Here’s How.

Before February even starts, we are inundated with Valentine’s Day… “decor” -- if we can call the hodgepodge of obnoxious, heart-shaped everything that decorates every chain store in anticipation of “the big day”... decor.   But we’re all in different stages of...


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