“Live every day like you’re on vacation!”

Sounds simple, right? But, when you’re forced to live the life of a mundane 9-5 work week (when you know that on the inside you’re actually a diva who just isn’t meant for the grind), it’s difficult to squeeze that “vacation” time in.

That said, it’s a brand new year, and it’s time to allow 2020 to be the year of YOU, in spite of the daily grind. Sure, you can’t catch a Concorde to Bali on a Wednesday, but you just might be able to trick yourself into thinking you’re already there for five whole minutes. Here’s a few ideas to get you started:


Ditch the shower. Take a bath.

Baths, especially when they’re paired with luscious bath bombs or purifying salts, allow for ultimate relaxation — and can be incorporated into your daily routine. You have to take a shower anyway; why not spend that half hour in the tub? If it’s your hair-washing day, get the work of washing your hair out of the way first. That way, your respite in the tub is your reward for your work!


Take your manicurist up on their offer of that 10-minute massage.

Going to the nail salon often feels like another item on the endless to-do list that comes with fulfilling your duties as a Boss Lady. Getting your nails done is supposed to be a pampering thing… but it isn’t anymore, because you have an event every weekend of your life, and you can’t show up with your nails looking like crap. Make manicures great again, and splurge on the lowest price massage that won’t break your bank or kill your schedule.


Treat yourself once in a while by embracing your inner foodie.

There is nothing wrong with taking yourself out to lunch and sitting at a table at that cute new cafe… by yourself! You can take a break from your Paleo diet for one afternoon and have a real lunch. If you’re at work, take the full hour — and put your phone on silent.


Sacrifice five minutes of beauty sleep for a kickass skincare routine.

Stay up a whole five minutes later to tone and moisturize. Your pores will thank you! Learn about your skin type (oily, dry, combination, etc.) and what products will work best for it. Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra money on moisturizer, serum, clay masks and toner. The best skincare products cost a little more for a reason, honey. Treat yourself to a face mask once a week, at least. If you’re going for a glow up… commit!


Lastly, don’t forget that you deserve everything that you work for. Stop feeling guilty, and enjoy  your vacation in the middle of your work day… even if it only lasts for five minutes.

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