Valentine’s Day is over… some would say, thank goodness for that! But the fact that the commercialized season of love doesn’t have to mean that you stop showing your love for your tribe, your family or your special someone.


You don’t have to break the bank to let these vital people in your life know that you’re thinking of them, either. A “just because” present doesn’t even have to be a physical gift, though it certainly can be a small token. Get creative with these ideas:


Customized chocolate

Really… does it need to be Valentine’s Day to have a reason to buy chocolate? Of course, you have the luxury of raiding your local chain pharmacy for all of the discounted leftovers. But, if you’d like to give a gift a bit more thought, custom chocolate delicacies are relatively inexpensive. If you’re looking to shop local, your neighborhood chocolatier most likely sells small boxes of truffles or bark that won’t empty your wallet — and they’ll sell it all year round, too.


Beautiful bath items

Bath items are all the rage right now, and not only can they be found everywhere from your local chain pharmacy to the high-end boutique — but they’re pretty inexpensive. We suggest this Acqua Bubble Bath for just $38.00. Grapefruit body moisturizer will make your skin smell and feel fabulous for $26.00. And of course, bath bombs are so much fun! You can find our fave here for just $10.00 — and it comes with cute Valentine’s Day themed- wrapping, too.


Glorious gift cards

Did you know… on some apps, you can send gift cards to anyone you text? If you know that someone you care about is having a bad time of it with her boss and has three projects to finish by the next day… text a gift card for coffee and announce that coffee is on you for today! Of course, the Blush Boutique gift cardnever expires!


Creative cards

The art of exchanging the old-fashioned greeting card is nearly lost. Channel your inner Martha Stewart and create one yourself for someone you love — just because! It’s such a novelty that anyone would be thrilled to receive one. Don’t forget to write a meaningful message inside.

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