You know you’ve wanted to make a vision board — don’t even lie. But it’s highly possible that you just haven’t had time to make one, or you keep promising yourself that you’ll make one next week… next month… in six months… yeah.

Never fear! Stop your procrastination! Get your ass off the couch when you get home from work because 2020 is YOUR vision board year. Sure, some of the board’s content will be out of your reach for right now, but why not plan for the future? Here’s an outline of some possible topics for you. The hardest part is already done for you, and as such, you are out of excuses.


Places to Visit

Maybe you can’t take a trip with your present schedule, but nothing is stopping you from daydreaming about your next destination. Grab a bunch of travel magazines, or download photos from a Google search and print them out, of every place you’d like to visit (even if you’ve visited said place already and have been aching to return).


Luxe Life Purchases

Maybe you don’t have the funds to make fantasy purchases right now, but when you’re making a vision board, who cares? It’s YOUR vision — there’s no rule that says that vision has to be practical. Grab your favorite catalogues and start clipping, the old-fashioned way, just like you’re back in middle school (don’t even try to say you didn’t cut “stuff” out of magazines back in the day). Cut out the diamond stud earrings, the memory foam slippers that mold to your feet, the cooling blanket that you wish you could bring to the beach even though it’s wintertime, and basically every gadget or accessory that makes you extra.


Dream Closet

The dream closet deserves a section all of its own, separate from the section on just luxury purchases. Your clothes are a true representation of who you are. Don’t be afraid to include clippings of Met Gala-level ensembles. Just don’t forget the shoes and bag to go with it!


Cliche Career Goals

Girl, you’re way more qualified than you give yourself credit for. What are those positions you’ve had your eyes on for years? That lofty career change you haven’t dared to speak of outloud? Throw it on the vision board! Pick out your office furniture and accessories while you’re at it, and top this section off with a few motivational #girlboss quotes. “Act like a lady, think like a boss.”


Creating a fantasy vision board is not only great motivation, but a fun and positive form of self-care. While you may be creating a fantasy on the board, you’ll never know what reality can be unless you speak it into existence — or, cut and paste it into a board to remind you.

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